Krakowska 29 - wyjątkowe powierzchnie biurowe we Wrocławiu

Krakowska 29 office building designed by AP Szczepaniak

The Krakowska 29 project was designed by the Wrocław architectural studio of AP Szczepaniak. The Szczepaniak brothers have been designing together since 1999. In Wrocław itself they have designed over 5000 apartments, nearly 60,000 m² of office space and 50,000 m² of commercial space.

In designing the Krakowska 29 office building, it was important for us that the building harmoniously fits in with its surroundings. The main composition of the elevation, emphasizing the industrial character of the office building, constitutes a contrasting combination of colours: brick-red and grey, as well as materials: brick and aluminium – formed on a pattern of steel elements and metal bars, and also plaster, with an architectural concrete texture.

– notes Agnieszka Szczepaniak, an architect at AP Szczepaniak. And the main architect of the office building, Paweł Szczepaniak, adds:

From offices situated on the fifth floor we’re able to go out on the terrace, on which there are benches, small architectural features, as well as greenery which complements the plant life surrounding the building.

Projects executed by the studio include: Arkady Wrocławskie, Nowa Papiernia, Wojdyła Business Park, and the currently under construction Atal Towers, as well as Krakowskie Tarasy. The studio is also active internationally. AP Szczepaniak has won many architectural competitions, including: the International Property Awards, Best Residential Project 2012–2015, and Building of the Year.