Ground work on construction of the Krakowska 29 office building in Wrocław

Excavated material is being removed from the site and work in the area of ground reinforcement is underway. Each day, at the current stage of construction of the Krakowska 29 office building, three excavators, a drilling rig, ten trucks and twenty-two people are engaged.

The ground work is nearly finished. Excavation for the foundation slab and underground parking has reached the target depth. The Keller company – a leader in the area of geo-technical services – has performed most of its planned tasks, intended to secure the excavation and reinforce the ground, making use of DSM column technology – deep soil mixing with cement grout.

A hermetic palisade of DSM columns with a 60-cm diameter and reinforcement with steel profiles was designed as a temporary anti-filtration barrier on parts of the site, which secure the excavation from inflow of water, and on the remaining parts will constitute a supporting element of the external wall on the ground floor. Meanwhile, in order to limit subsidence of the foundation slab, we use DSM columns with a diameter of 150 cm.

– states Adam Kłodnicki of Keller Polska, responsible for the project

The use of DSM column technology of two different diameters has turned out to be a favourable solution from a technical and economic perspective, in comparison with, for example, hermetic walls and reinforcement with the aid of displacement columns.

adds Lech Purol, director of construction at the general contractor, Hochtief Polska.

In February work will begin on building the foundation slab.